Thomas Beale

Thomas Beale

VP, Informatics


Thomas is the primary architect of the openEHR specifications, a de facto standard open platform framework for computable healthcare data. It includes the archetype language (adopted as an ISO standard in 2019) and a comprehensive open architecture for clinical process management and decision support. Using the archetype language, openEHR has produced the world’s largest library of clinical information models.

Thomas has presented widely on e-health strategy and worked for a number of ministries of health and large jurisdictions including the UK NHS, US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Catalan Health System and Brazil MoH.

Thomas is passionate about achieving major change in e-health via the application of new technical, economic and business paradigms, including knowledge representation for operational use; replacing the application paradigm with process automation; and making the patient-centric digital twin a reality.

Outside of work, he reads philosophy and occasionally kayaks and skis.