Building the Future of Healthcare


We’re a group of down-to-earth, dedicated people from tech, healthcare, and everywhere in between who believe we can help transform our future.


We bring passion, diverse expertise, and unique approaches to our work every day.


By rolling up our sleeves and tackling some of the most challenging problems in healthcare - we are confident that we can actually change the world – together. 


Graphite Leadership Team

From LEGO building champion as a child to innovator and CEO of Graphite Health today, Ries overcomes the challenges ahead with determination and ingenuity.

Whether it's competing in a 100-mile mountain bike race, or helping a young startup thrive, Corey is a committed risk taker who enjoys the journey as much as the reward.

Dr. Stan Huff is a jack of all trades. He rides a unicycle, runs marathons, and is an expert in medical data, language, and architecture.

Ryan strikes a key balance between vision and execution, which he uses to design landscapes both in his back yard and in the world of healthcare.

With her three dogs to keep her company, Jessica has backpacked through mountains across the country, landing in enchanted New Mexico with a motivation to do more.

We joke that Matt has read the entire internet, which really isn't far from the truth. In addition to bridging the gaps between technology and people, he's a master speed reader.

Ted headshot.jpg

Ted Gaubert

Chief Technology Officer

After a long stint on Capitol Hill, Josh has a skill for translating policy jargon and a passion for taking on big challenges.

With young dreams of outer space, Lynne has traveled from the big cities of New York and Los Angeles, to the desert town of Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she now helps business soar through finance, accounting, and analysis.


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