Digitally transform healthcare, together.

Graphite founding members are forward-thinking health systems that understand the challenge of digitally transforming the industry is bigger than any single system can solve alone.

"There is probably not a more important time for our community, and our peers around the country to marshal in change and look to the digital future, together."

Dale Maxwell


"By joining Graphite Health now, we are excited to help shape the future of digital health transformation, and to improve patient and member experience at Kaiser Permanente and beyond."

Greg A. Adams

Chair & CEO

"The promise of digital transformation to reduce real human suffering is a collective problem that requires collective action."

Carter Dredge

SVP & Lead Futurist

"Like CivicaRx, with Graphite Health, we have constructed an enterprise that isn't about profits over people, but aligned for the common good of patients."

Dan Liljenquist

Chief Strategy Officer

Benefits for system members

Sit at the governing table

Shape the digital future of healthcare with fellow leaders who know the roadblocks, the requirements, and the solutions we need.

Simplify digital transformation

Get access to vetted third-party applications to reduce the time and barriers to digital innovation at scale.

Amplify investment in innovation

As a debt-funded non-profit, Graphite is a novel financial vehicle for investing in core technology and innovation.

Access data experts

Graphite’s data, platform, and technology experts work alongside each member for the benefit of all.

Let's collaborate at scale.

How would Disruptive Collaboration transform your system?

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