Let's join forces to digitally transform healthcare together

We believe that the challenge of digitally transforming our industry is bigger than any single system can solve alone. Addressing it together provides exponential benefits to our patients, providers, and organizations - and in less time.

Health systems spend up to two years on average implementing new digital tools. This impractical process means systems must fully commit to the adoption of a new tool long before they can make meaningful use of it. Graphite Health overcomes these challenges through the collective power, scale, and knowledge of our members.

By creating a common data language that results in plug-and-play interoperability, Graphite Health facilitates digital transformation through its data standardization service and open and trusted application marketplace.

Governing Members

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Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Intermountain Healthcare


SSM Health

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Kaiser Permanente

Benefit to member systems

Graphite Health’s platform is affordable, scalable, and highly secure.

Here's how we help our members:

  • A seat at the Governing table: Shape the digital future of healthcare with fellow leaders who know the roadblocks, requirements, and solutions to address them.

  • Simplified digital transformation: Get instant access to vetted third-party applications to reduce the time and barriers to digital innovation at scale.

  • Trust and privacy: All third-party developers must agree to the Digital Hippocratic Oath, prioritizing patient trust and privacy above all else. 

  • Early access: Member systems get access to some of the newest breakthrough technology solutions in health care. 


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About our Vision

Read about Graphite's vision for the future of healthcare in our launch press release.