Let’s digitally transform healthcare, together.

We believe the challenge is bigger than any single healthcare system can solve alone.

Graphite is a collaborative of forward-thinking institutions and healthcare systems interested in a long-term solution.

Healthcare won’t be fully digitized until we align on a standard representation—a common digital language—and a unified ecosystem for deploying innovation.

Why Become a Member System

Sit at the governing table

Shape the digital future of healthcare with fellow leaders who know the roadblocks, the requirements, and the solutions we need.


Accelerate your digital transformation

Get access to vetted third-party applications to reduce the time and barriers to digital innovation at scale.


Amplify your investment in innovation

Founding member systems realize the benefits of the collective model, providing superior outcomes at a lower cost.


Access data infrastructure experts

Graphite’s data, platform, and technology experts work alongside each member for the benefit of all.


Imagine limitless healthcare innovation enabled by a seamless data ecosystem.