Trust and Security at Graphite

Graphite's Digital Hippocratic Oath is an update to healthcare's moral compass for the digital age. This compass dedicates us to operating at the highest levels of security and trust.


As the hub of a digital health ecosystem, Graphite takes exceptional care to ensure the highest levels of ongoing security.


Graphite has earned SSAE 18 SOC2 Type 1 certification and expects to achieve Type 2 within the year. If you require documentation of this or other compliance efforts don’t hesitate to reach out.

Digital Hippocratic Oath

The Digital Hippocratic Oath (DHO) is an operational philosophy designed to promote an environment of trust, security, and the ethical use of data in healthcare.

Graphite and our member systems have committed to operating under the DHO. In addition, all applications sold on the Graphite Marketplace must comply with standards established to further and support the DHO.

Responsible Disclosure

Graphite welcomes users to report security, confidentiality, integrity and availability issues. Reports will be verified and addressed promptly, and, where appropriate, awarded a “bug bounty.”

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