The Graphite Marketplace

We're building the modern, open, trusted, and secure application marketplace our industry desperately needs.

Built on a common data language, our interoperable data platform facilitates plug-and-play application interoperability for health systems, their providers, and their patients.

Health systems should be able to implement digital tools in minutes, not years.

This ecosystem shouldn't have walls.

healthcare systems

Benefit from an innovative open marketplace that’s EHR agnostic.


Code once and integrate with many health systems.

Patients & Clinicians

Graphite interoperability means more seamless care & better health delivered at a lower cost.

The first of its kind.

What sets the Graphite Marketplace apart?


The Graphite Marketplace is Electronic Health Record (EHR) agnostic.

Truly Sustainable

As a non-profit, we can operate at lower, more sustainable prices.


We are backed by our Digital Hippocratic Oath, healthcare’s moral compass updated for the digital age.


We streamline contracting, security, and legal reviews so developers and member systems can worry less about paperwork and focus on improving lives.


Built on our standard data platform, solutions are plug-and-play and ready to go. Developers can build once and deploy to all member systems.

Digital Hippocratic Oath

Trust and security go hand-in-hand.

Our Digital Hippocratic Oath starts with the four pillars of modern medical ethics and updates the concepts for providing care in a digital environment.

Curious about the SDK?

Contact us if you'd like to be considered for private beta.

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