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The Modern Healthcare Marketplace

Graphite’s data platform and application platform work together to connect today’s complex healthcare landscape.


It’s the foundation for powering the digital transformation of healthcare through our open, trusted, and secure  

Graphite Health Marketplace. 


The time is now

The digital revolution has touched every part of our lives - from how we buy our groceries to how we try on a new pair of sunglasses. But healthcare continues to lag behind. That’s why we’ve created the Graphite Health Marketplace.  


We're building the modern open, trusted, and secure application marketplace our industry desperately needs. Built on a common data language, our interoperable data platform will facilitate plug-and-play application interoperability for health systems, their providers, and their patients. 


Instead of waiting two years to implement a new digital tool, health systems can launch in minutes. 

Why the Graphite Marketplace? 

The Graphite Marketplace is the first of its kind - here's what sets it apart:

  • Open- The Graphite Marketplace is Electronic Health Record (EHR) agnostic and has no walled gardens. 

  • Transparent and Fair - We will always operate at the lowest sustainable cost. 

  • Trusted - We are backed by our Digital Hippocratic Oath

  • Seamless - We streamline contracting, security, and legal reviews so developers and member systems can worry less about paperwork and more on improving lives.  

  • Customer-ready - Built on our standard data platform, Graphite Marketplace solutions are plug-and-play and ready to go. Developers can build it once and deploy it rapidly to all member systems. 


We want to hear
from you

We're looking for the next wave of digital health innovators.

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