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The Modern Healthcare Platform


The modern healthcare platform for the modern tech stack

Graphite Health’s platform connects today’s complex healthcare landscape and is the foundation for powering the digital transformation of healthcare.

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Graphite's Interoperability Platform

Graphite Health’s interoperability platform lets healthcare systems focus on what matters the most. Our comprehensive platform standardizes data across a heterogeneous healthcare landscape, providing interoperability, security, and analytical services.

Data Integration

Flexible connector library to ingest data from a multitude of heterogeneous clinical systems, APIs, telemetry, and external systems.

Analytics Workloads

Quickly build and run analytical workloads and train machine learning models. Securely deploy and retrain models.

Standardization Engine

Deliver a unified representation of all data across the organization. Robust and automated pipelines for real-time data translation, standardization, enrichment, rules processing, and linking.


Securely exchange data using a single interoperable data model with built-in data translation capabilities.

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Graphite Application Platform

The Graphite Application Platform allows companies of all sizes to focus on building great applications while Graphite helps make them accessible to health systems all over the country. The platform is a fully managed app runtime environment that provides security, compliance, and all of the functionality to run applications at scale. It has integrated data services based on standardized data schemas, meaning applications will be portable from one health system to another.

Managed Runtime

Apps run within Graphite Containers as part of a managed production environment that provides load balancing, scaling, failover, logging, and more.

Simplify Compliance

Fastest path forward to deliver apps that meet healthcare compliance requirements.

Developer Experience

Remove obstacles and quickly deploy healthcare applications. Graphite provides a rich set of tooling, SDKs, and APIs to make it easy to develop applications.

Continuous Delivery

Easy deployment within a health system with automated application delivery and roll-back.


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