A Common Language for Digital Health

Graphite Health is a software company creating the first comprehensive digital ecosystem for the frictionless exchange of health data.

The healthcare industry has a data problem.

If you've ever had to piece together a health history for a specialist, you'll understand this.

We are on a mission

We're on a mission to rapidly accelerate the digital transformation of healthcare for the sake of better health and improved care.

We are Disrupting the status quo

We are disrupting the status quo with an innovative market model: inviting healthcare systems of all types and sizes to work together to transform health data.

We are unburdened by profit

Unburdened by profit, our model allows us to prioritize access, equity, and human health over financial gains.

We can fix healthcare data, together.


For developers and IT teams in our member systems we simplify the development and deployment of applications. Data is available through modern, standard-based APIs using common interoperability standards, such as FHIR.

Graphite products

Market Innovators

Innovators building, deploying, growing, and enriching their applications benefit from the Graphite Marketplace — an EMR-agnostic, plug-and-play venue for building applications into our member systems.

App marketplace

Healthcare Systems

For our health system members, Graphite is a novel financial vehicle for investing in their own core technology and a brighter future for health care and delivery. Working together we are ensuring this is done for the benefit of all.

Health System Members

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