Swami Sundaramurthy

Swami Sundaramurthy

VP, Engineering


As a seasoned Engineering Leader with a successful career spanning over 20 years, Swami has lead technical transformations, architecting and delivering highly scalable platforms, and building high-performance, geographically distributed teams across startups and large enterprises. As the VP of Engineering at Graphite Health, he is passionate about driving impact and creating value through technology.

Swami has held leadership roles at tech giants like Salesforce, Amazon, Pinterest, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and StarTree, focusing on SaaS/cloud-native products, open-source software, and AI/ML technologies. His ability to steer these organizations through rapid growth periods and his expertise aligning strategy with technical roadmaps to deliver scale have been instrumental to their success.

As a strong proponent of innovation, he co-founded a social startup, is a Limited Partner at Ensemble VC, and advises and invests in startups—dedicating his efforts to fostering the next generation of tech innovation.

Known as a talent magnet and industry thought leader, he's committed to nurturing an engineering culture that is decentralized, transparent, and high ownership. He's passionate about fostering professional development, enhancing team interactions, and ensuring employee satisfaction

Swami strives to leverage his technical expertise and leadership skills to drive significant value in the tech industry, inspire emerging talent, and contribute to the advancement of technology.