Matthew Trunnell

Matthew Trunnell

Freelancer & Acting Executive Director, Chicagoland COVID-19 Commons

Chicagoland COVID-19 Commons


Matthew Trunnell, a self-described data commoner, advises organizations on strategies to enhance the impact of their research data assets through engineering, stewardship, and data-centered collaboration. He is currently involved in several data commons efforts, including serving as Executive Director for the Pandemic Response Commons, a not-for-profit consortium that supports and advances regional data platforms.

Trunnell previously served as Vice President, Chief Information Officer, and Chief Data Officer of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, where he established a clinical data engineering team and drove several regional partnerships including the cross-border Cascadia Data Alliance. Prior to that, Trunnell spent more than nine years at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard where he oversaw research computing and served as CIO. He also established and led the Broad’s data science team, which comprises computational biologists and software engineers working to build production bioinformatics platforms. Before Broad, Trunnell worked for Genedata, a Swiss bioinformatics software company, where he led U.S. operations and managed the U.S. bioinformatics consulting team.