"I am bullish on the Graphite Health vision!  By enabling access to newly regulated FHIR endpoints for applications that meet the Digital Hippocratic Oath, Graphite will shift the dialogue from interoperability as a technical barrier towards the primary drivers - culture, adoption, and collaboration.”

Aneesh Chopra

President, CareJourney

1st U.S. Chief Technology Officer (2009-2012)


A transformation this significant calls for in-depth exploration.

We’ve immersed ourselves not only in learning more about the transformational needs of healthcare, but the ever-changing landscape of other industries, most notably Big Tech and Big Retail. There’s much to learn. And share.

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We believe in sharing what we’ve discovered. Learn more about the Digital Hippocratic Oath, the Graphite 10-50 Advantage, our Bridge to Innovation, and get all the details in our Graphite Health White Paper.

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