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We're building the Software Development Kit for Healthcare

As healthcare developers, our software is often coupled to a single, proprietary vendor stack customized to the healthcare system paying for it. This model makes deploying new software very difficult and prevents true interoperability from happening.


We feel this model is broken. Instead, we’re encouraging the healthcare community to start building to the same core data types, APIs, and runtime expectations. We build practical, modern examples and tools for software engineers who want to build once and run anywhere.


That’s the core idea behind Graphite Software Development Kit (SDK). Our SDK mobilizes around the same conventions to ensure instant compatibility with healthcare systems throughout the country.

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The best thing about software engineering in healthcare is waking up to do something that actually helps people. We’re organized to do public good in a way everyone will benefit. Do you want to help build the future of healthcare?

What we’re building

•    SDKs
•    Interoperability conventions
•    Sample projects
•    Graphite Marketplace
•    Graphite Data Platform
•    Integration technologies
•    Runtime simulators
•    The future of healthcare