Ries Robinson, MD

Ries Robinson, MD

Chief Executive Officer


Ries Robinson, MD, is our CEO here at Graphite Health. He is also the Chief Innovation Advisor at Presbyterian Healthcare Services, a private, non-profit, integrated health care system in New Mexico and the state’s largest provider of health care.

Ries's dedication to innovation expands beyond his title. Over the years, he has helped Presbyterian identify, pilot, adopt, and scale innovation for the benefit of patients and members. As part of this initiative, he has sought to reduce the burden on providers and empower patients to better manage their health conditions.

Prior to joining Presbyterian, Ries was rarely found sitting still. Between mountain biking, adventure racing, and his family, he found time to found a number of companies. Those include: Rodin Scientific LLC, dedicated to creating a heart failure management solution; InLight Solutions Inc., focused on creating non-invasive glucose measurement techniques to improve the lives of the over 34 million Americans living with diabetes; VeraLight, which established a non-invasive screening test for type II diabetes; Luminous Medical, an ICU based continuous glucose monitor for tight glycemic control; TruTouch Technologies, which developed a noninvasive alcohol monitor; and Lumidigm, a company that developed highly accurate and robust finger print technologies. These entrepreneurial endeavors have generated more than 40 U.S. patent applications and have pushed science to find better ways to help people.

Ries is a member of the Rhodes Board of Directors, serves on the American Hospital Association Center for Health Innovation Leadership Council, and participates with both Healthcare Innovators Professional Society and Aspen Group. Previously, he served on Presbyterian Healthcare Services’ Board of Directors.

All of this had to begin somewhere, and for Ries, a curiosity that began with LEGOs flourished at Stanford University, where he received both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering, and at the University of New Mexico, where he earned a medical degree.