Josh Karetny

Josh Karetny

Head of Policy and Stakeholder Engagement


As our Head of Policy and Stakeholder Engagement, Josh Karetny serves as Graphite’s ambassador to government agencies, Congress, and advocacy groups and coordinates our Innovation Advisory Board. Based in Brooklyn, NY, he works to build support for Graphite’s mission and to identify, develop, and advocate for our regulatory and legislative priorities.

Josh brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Graphite. Prior to joining the Graphite team, Josh worked for over 14 years for a U.S. Senator, serving as his Chief Economic Counsel, Legislative Director, and Acting Chief of Staff. During his time on Capitol Hill, Josh worked on legislation in areas ranging from tax and budget process to health care and climate change. He drafted and built bipartisan support for bills and managed a team of policy experts. His accomplishments include laws to assist student loan borrowers and to provide benefits to people suffering from ALS.

Josh grew up in Rhode Island and has lived up and down the Northeast Corridor. He holds a BA in economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a JD from NYU Law. Josh lives with his two rabbits, Wembley and Lunabella. He enjoys the complementary hobbies of ice cream tourism and HIIT workouts.