Who's Involved

"Like CivicaRx, with Graphite Health, we have constructed an enterprise that isn't about profits over people, but aligned for the common good of patients."

— Dan R. Liljenquist

Founding Member, Graphite Health

Chairman of the Board, Civica Rx

The Founders of Graphite Health believe that to be most effective in evolving healthcare's digital ecosystem requires an unyielding commitment to collaboration, trust, and creating a collective for mutual benefit. 

Organized and governed by leading health systems and philanthropies, Graphite Health is a digital development company driven to develop the digital ecosystem upon which healthcare operates while adhering to the Digital Hippocratic Oath. Graphite is structured and governed in a manner that places priority on purpose maximization (rather than profit maximization) while serving a broad range of stakeholders, including health systems, management, and philanthropy partners.  

We are doing good differently.

The Way Forward Is Together


Those health systems that can afford to digitally transform their business will succeed, while those that are unable to transform will eventually be purchased in a predatory fashion. We don't believe this is in the best interest of the communities and patients we serve. 

There is an alternative...



Alone We're Vulnerable

Together We're Powerful

member-led approach allows us to aggregate and scale our resources and ensures we drive our own transformation. If we band together to solve common problems, we can deliver mutual benefit to all stakeholders.


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Graphite Health is a Collective of like-minded systems - leading the way in digital transformation. Let’s connect.