Graphite Health Key Principles


  • Purpose Over Profit

  • A Forever Organization

  • Prioritize Privacy and Trust

At Graphite Health, we believe in a simple mantra: Patients are not products.

Graphite Health is a software company intent on transforming the digital future of healthcare. Backed by leading health systems, we are catalyzing a collective action effort to improve patient outcomes and lower costs.

Graphite's application platform, software development kit, and marketplace empower health innovators and software engineering teams to accelerate health application development.

The combination of Graphite's product offerings enables healthcare systems to quickly adopt new innovative applications, bringing significant efficiencies to member systems' operations, creating a more modern patient experience that promotes better care, and making it easier for digital health entrepreneurs to implement their solutions at scale.

Graphite Health is not your typical healthcare or tech company...

Purpose Over Profit

We are a member-backed company. That means we are not beholden to shareholders or outside investment. We're using a collective approach because that allows us to scale our resources, reduce costs, and drive innovation, all while keeping the focus on patient outcomes instead of the bottom line.


A Forever Organization 

Graphite Health operates as a non-profit company, sustained through a revenue share model. Our structure is based on best practices from Civica Rx. Graphite will develop and provide the infrastructure for data standardization at the lowest sustainable cost.

Prioritize Privacy and Trust

Graphite Health is guided by the Digital Hippocratic Oath, which brings the healthcare industry's core calling into the 21st century and serves as the ethical compass that guides all operations, including our approach to data sharing, integration, and technical processes. The Digital Hippocratic Oath is not just a steering principle - it's a foundational element that allows Graphite Health to build trust between patients, doctors, health systems, and app developers, ensuring that all who touch patient data protect it. By putting the privacy and trust of patients and providers first, we are empowering them to trust the bedrock of Graphite Health's work.


Need Details?

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