"There is probably not a more important time for our community, and our peers around the country to marshal in change and look to the digital future, together."


Dale Maxwell 

CEO, Presbyterian Health Services

Graphite Health is a not-for-profit 501(c)4 organization operated and governed by leading health systems and philanthropic institutions, operating independently to meet our collective digital transformation needs.


We believe that the challenge of digitally transforming our industry is bigger than any single system can solve alone. Solving it together provides exponential benefits to our patients, providers, and organizations.


Graphite Health's Three Key Principles


  • We are - Organized for Common Good

  • We are - Guided by a Self-perpetuating Governance

  • We hold - Trust as our North Star


Common Good

Graphite Health is organized as a social welfare organization. As a non-stock, not-for-profit corporation, we are fundamentally different than any other digital enterprise or healthcare entity. We will never put profits over people.


We are an outside-in and inside-out, uniting organization that thinks differently, acts differently, and is bridging the digital divide between healthcare systems and technical entrepreneurs.  


We are committed to common good for all and will deliver transformative solutions to our members, partners, and patients. That is our oath.


A Forever Organization 

Graphite Health is not your typical healthcare or tech company... 


We believe that by coming together to collaborate and leverage our combined strength, at scale, we can indeed do good differently now and into the future. Graphite is designed to be a forever organization, operating as a democratized public utility.  We are led by an eclectic blend of stakeholders whose decisions are made by “stewards” – health system members, philanthropy members, independent board members, and management who are actively engaged in, or connected to, the business and its mission to drive the advancement of healthcare for all patients.


The change begins and ends with "US". 

Digital Hippocratic OathTM

As America’s health systems, we have the unmatched trust of and responsibility for the communities we serve. Thus, Graphite Health has created a North Star to guide all facets of our business.


The Digital Hippocratic Oath renews our industry’s historical calling for the digital age, creating a ethical compass that governs all operations of Graphite. It is embedded within the core DNA of the company and ensures the stewardship of the organization for the benefit of patients. Adherence to the Digital Hippocratic Oath creates a trusted relationship between patients, health systems, application developers and Graphite Health. 

Two Men in Office

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