The digital revolution has touched every part of our lives - from how we acquire our groceries to trying on a new pair of eyeglasses. But the health care sector continues to lag behind. That's where Graphite Health comes in. We are creating a common data language and interoperable data platform for health care that will facilitate plug-and-play interoperability for health systems and their patients. 

Graphite’s Key Objectives

  • Form a Like-Minded Collective of Members

  • Create an Interoperable Health Utility Platform

  • Realize an Open, Innovative, and Secure Marketplace

The Graphite Health

We bring together many different health systems for the shared goal of transforming digital health care to improve patient outcomes and lower costs.


The Graphite Health

The Graphite Platform is built on a common data language that addresses inefficiencies in data translation and supports the development of plug-and-play digital health applications.

The Graphite Health

The Graphite Marketplace will streamline both sides of the digital health market. It will serve as a single location for innovators to distribute their solutions at scale, reaching health systems across the country. From our open and secure Marketplace, health system members will be able to implement trusted digital tools as easily as anyone can download an app from an app store to a smartphone. These improvements will lead to more convenience, better quality care, lower costs, and overall efficiency, governed by our Digital Hippocratic Oath.

Need Details?

There's much more to the story. Learn more in our latest White Paper.

"As health systems, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own our platform for the future."

— Ries Robinson, MD

Founding Chairman and CEO, Graphite Health