"As health systems, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own our platform for the future."

— Ries Robinson, MD

Founding Chairman, Graphite Health

Chief Innovation Officer

Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Graphite Health will bring healthcare's technical infrastructure into the 21st century. By creating a common platform as the foundation of an innovative and collaborative marketplace, the digital future of medicine can evolve.

Graphite’s 3 Key Objectives

  • Start with - a like-minded Collective of Partners

  • Create the foundational - Public Utility Platform

  • Realize & Benefit from - an Open, Innovative, Secure Marketplace

The Graphite Health


We’re convening a syndicate of leading, like-minded institutions to create an ecosystem of digital transformation that prioritizes and protects patient and health system needs.

The Graphite Health


We’re creating a trusted data exchange platform that empowers healthcare systems to reduce digital development costs by a factor of ten and increase speed-to-market by a factor of fifty. Member systems will retain their existing digital infrastructure while reaping exponential benefits of belonging to a broader healthcare ecosystem.  

The Graphite Health


We’re building our interoperable platform, to enable and incentivize a Digital Hippocratic OathTM certified, open-source, plug-and-play marketplace for value-added consumer, clinical, provider, and administrative business tools and applications that will make healthcare as innovative and responsive as every other industry.  

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